BE Image Module

BE Image Module

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 The "BE Image Module" is a module for uploading and displaying images from front-end. It is designed to be as simple as possible for the end-user, with fast and easy access to manage the images on your site.
Examples of use: Use your image module to easily change "item of the day", linking to sponsor sites or managing your advertisement.

Available for: compat 25compat 30
Last version: 3.1

Key features:

  • ✔ Upload and display an image from front-end
  • ✔ Add description of choice through front-end
  • ✔ Choose what to do when clicking on an image, whether it is opening the image in full size or linking the image to a specified site
  • ✔ Automatic image resizing based on back-end parameters
  • ✔ Change "view access level" from front-end, to customize accessibility
  • ✔ Easy to learn and manage
  • ✔ Customizable


thum front end default thum front end edit thum params basic options thum params edit form options
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